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What is Mod IMVE?

It is an unofficial mod that allows you to use actions, poses +18 and more with other players. This mod is only visible to those who use it, this mod does not interfere with the original program.

  • Secure Design

    Our mod contains a clean and secure design.

  • Secure Mod

    Our programming code is totally secure and bug-free to offer our users a unique experience.

  • Continuous Monitoring

    We are attentive to all bug reports and errors that our users notify us by discord in order to correct them.

Mod IMVE Features

Mod IMVE has multiple features unlocked.

  • Use any AP/GA product without purchasing it
  • You are visible to Mod IMVE users
  • Use imvu BM products without buying them
  • Codes are compatible with Mod IMVE
  • Clean and safe interface
  • Usa cualquier producto AP/GA sin necesidad de comprarlo
  • Eres visible para los usuarios de Mod IMVE
  • Usa productos BM de imvu sin comprarlos
  • Códigos son compatibles con Mod IMVE
  • Interfaz limpia y segura